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Hi! I'm Julia, or Jules, if you're so inclined!

Growing up between France and the States, I developed a longtime love of language that carried me all the way from the University of Vermont to grad school at Northeastern University where I received my Master's degree in journalism.

My other great love is Nantucket Island, where I spent each summer of my young adult life slinging seafood and Madaket Mysteries at Millie's restaurant (formerly the Westender), and quickly developed a passion for the restaurant industry that has stayed with me to this day.


After two years as the associate editor and food column writer of the Improper Bostonian, I decided to take a leap (née jump off a cliff) and make a career switch to the world of public relations.


I joined Broadway Restaurant Group (Lincoln, Loco, Fat Baby, Capo) as their in-house PR and marketing manager where I learned the value of a personalized public relations strategy across multiple, unique brands.


Now, Christina and I are embarking on our biggest adventure yet to bring that same personal touch to companies across New England.

While times may be tough, we also happen to live in one of the most resilient cities in the country. You've put your heart and soul into your business and Covid is only a bump in the road (okay, a giant cliff...), but at the end of the day, with creativity, a touch of innovation and the extensive network that we've built over the years, we can share your story with those who need to hear it most. This too shall pass, and we're here to climb through the trenches with you, no matter what it takes.


Hi there! I'm Christina Berlinguet.


While the last name may be deceiving, I was raised "Irish Catholic," growing up just south of Boston by a South Shore father and North Shore mother. While some may say such things can't be true, the two met at a romantic little joint by the name of Tia's in the 80's and the rest is history. 

My early childhood consisted of sitting in traffic on 93, stopping by Amrheins with my Dad for a "quick bite" & trying to find the man in the Dot gas tank (it's a wolf).

While I graduated from RWU with a degree in Global Communications & Anthropology and traveled across Europe in search of my "true self," like it or not, my home, my identity was "Boston" all along.

I moved to Southie, working nights bartending and decided to find something to occupy my days (though sleeping until 1pm was the dream). Despite having zero clue what "PR" was, in a moment of serendipity, I was hired by a local marketing agency and was one of the lucky ones who was able to find their purpose in life at a young age.


As the agency's token Millennial, my big break came when I was asked to manage The Lawn on D's Twitter account (Twitter used to be cool, I swear). Because I'm "that girl" I took it a step further and created Facebook and Instagram accounts and developed the "cool kid voice behind the Lawn on D" (not my words...). I went on to manage PR for hospitality clients, then Cape Cod Potato Chips, Perdue, Pop Secret...the list goes on. 


After six years I took leap of faith and went in-house with a national commercial real estate company, managing all marketing for one of their biggest assets...and then the world stopped.


After a few sleepless nights I had a 4am epiphany...I would re-channel my passion and energy into supporting the incredible businesses that shaped me into who I am. From the restaurants stopped in to "break up traffic" to the snacks my mother used to muzzle me with so I'd stop singing "99 bottles of beer," I'm turning my someday dream into today, and who better to dream with than Julia Joy, I mean she has "Joy" in her's a no brainer.


Times are weird...luckily we're here to get your business back in action and we couldn't be more excited to join your team.

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