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How to Have a Productive Sunday

I think everyone can agree, the best way to end a long and tiring week is by relaxing on the weekend. Having the chance to finally catch a break and not have a million things to do means you can breathe, and hopefully enjoy yourself! Then Sunday comes around, along with the Sunday Scaries about another long week ahead. Well, there are SO many ways to snap out of that dreaded feeling and actually feel prepared and ready to conquer your week. Here are a few tips and tricks to have a productive Sunday that help me feel ready for the week to start!

Meal Prep for the Week

I’ve seen the appeal and frequency of meal prepping on social media, but I have never felt the urge to try it out. That was up until my senior year of college began, and I realized I was running short on time every single week. I had neither time to come up with dinner ideas, nor energy to run to the grocery store to pick up ingredients, which resulted in me ending up in the fast food line many times. So, I decided to finally try out meal prepping on my Sunday nights to have easy meals ready to go for dinner. Low and behold, it was the best thing I ever could have done. It is so simple and convenient to do that I recommend it to everyone I talk to. All you have to do is pick out about 3-4 recipes (you will have leftovers so don’t worry about one for every night), compile a list of all the ingredients, and pick them up in one grocery run. Then come home and get to cooking! I always put on a feel-good playlist to make the work pass a little faster. Once you’re all done, store the food in some tupperware and BOOM, you have ready to grab meals! One tip that I have is to keep an eye out for the prep and cook time when picking out recipes to make sure it is nothing too crazy or complicated!

Clean up Your Space

I know this may be the last thing you want to do on a Sunday, but I promise you tidying up your apartment, room, or house will make all the difference. Set aside an hour or so to go through each room and pick up things out of place, take the trash out, do your laundry and the dishes. You will feel so much better and ready for your week to start when you know there is nothing to worry about. Don’t forget to light a few candles to make the place smell good too!

Plan out Your Upcoming Week

Next, and probably the most efficient way to have a productive week is to go ahead and organize what your week is going to look like. I love doing this every Sunday before bed because I can write out and plan what each day will consist of. You can organize your week by writing out a daily to-do list with all of the tasks you need to complete and take care of. There are a ton of cute to-do list templates online or you can use a planner! This helps to stay organized and ensure that you are staying on top of everything, which always makes me feel accomplished and relaxed.

Prioritize in “Me Time”

Lastly, set aside time in your day to have “me time”! Everyone needs to have some time to themselves to relax, especially before the start of a busy week where your time may be cut short. This can be done in a variety of ways. Whether it’s hitting the gym, taking yourself to lunch, or staying in and putting on your favorite show or movie. By spending time doing something you thoroughly enjoy that brings you happiness, you will ensure that when Monday rolls around you will be in the right headspace.

I truly feel that doing these few things can guarantee a great start to the week and help cure any dreaded Sunday blues you may have about the days ahead. Whether you try one or all of these tips, I hope that you will see a positive change in how your week starts out!

-Madison Parkin

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