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30 Miles Out to Sea

Growing up with artists as parents, I spent a lot of my young adult life bouncing around between different countries and apartments dependent on where they needed to be for their artwork. Aware of this, it was important to my mom that I grow up having a home base, so she bought a little cottage on the Western tip of Nantucket Island that I would consider home for the rest of my life. It was where I spent holidays, learned to ride a bike, had my first kiss, and, eventually, got engaged to my husband. Needless to say, the Faraway Island has the most special place in my heart of any place in the entire world.

With endless beaches, boutiques and dining options to choose from, Nantucket can seem hugely overwhelming for such a tiny island, especially if you're only there for a short period! That's why I've gathered my favorite spots for you as a quick guide to Nantucket:


  • Downyflake Restaurant (located mid-island grab a dozen of their world-famous donuts to-go first thing in the morning while they're piping hot)

  • Black Eyed Susans (quintessential brunch spot located in the heart of town)


  • Millie's Restaurant (located in Madaket, chow down on tacos while sipping a Madaket Mystery before heading to the beach for sunset)

  • Sandbar at Jetties (the perfect spot to bounce between the bar and the beach)


  • The Club Car (built inside an old club car, this spot is as charming as it is delicious)

  • The Boarding House (with a seasonally-driven menu and a gorgeous view of the Atheneum, this spot is a favorite in my family for a special night out)

Special occasion:

  • The Chanticleer (the most charming brunch you'll ever have set in a fairytale garden)

  • Cru (one of my favorite spots on the island for rosé and oysters, this was where we had dinner right after we were engaged)


  • Cisco Brewers (the happiest place on island, spend the day in the sun listening to live music while choosing from a selection of locally crafted brews, spirits and wines)

  • Sconset Bluff Walk (taking in sweeping views of the ocean and beaches on one side while checking out some of the islands most desirable real estate on the other)


  • Madaket Beach (while there are numerous stunning beach on the island to choose from, the epic sunsets at Madaket Beach will always make it #1 in my book)

Xx Julia Joy

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