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Getting In the Mood for Fall

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE summertime. I was pretty much over the bitter winter months as soon as the holidays were over, and I remember how excited I was when the weather finally started hitting the 60s and 70s back in March. It was so nice to not need a jacket, and my college campus was flooded with students and friends just happy to be back in the sun! When classes let out in May and I moved back home, I spent almost all of my free time outdoors at the beach, flea markets, family get-togethers, you name it.

However, as much as I love the summer months, fall will always be my favorite season. There is something that is just so comforting about making a warm meal, lighting a candle and snuggling under the blanket with a cozy movie. The weather is just perfect at the peak of the season, and there are so many outdoor activities to do with friends and family.

That being said, it never truly feels like fall outside as soon as September 22nd rolls around, and we will still be embracing summer temperatures for at least the next few weeks. Even so, that hasn’t stopped me from celebrating the best time of year as summer nears its end (I currently have a pumpkin on my desk as I write this!) Would you like to get into the spirit with me? Here are a few ways how you can:


My favorite way to start celebrating is by taking a trip to Target and buying ALL of the fall things. Thankfully, stores like Target and Michael’s are just as excited as I am to start the fall season, as they start putting out their fall decorations around the end of July and early August. So go out and buy those fall candles, throw pillows and leaf garlands, and your house will surely feel 10 times cozier than it was before!

Pro Tip: Target sells a candle called “Autumn Harvest;” it’s my absolute favorite!

2. Watch Fall-Centric TV Shows and Movies!

The perfect pairing for a fall day, is a TV show or movie that flawlessly captures the cozy mood you’re looking for. As for TV shows, Gilmore Girls is an obvious choice. Seeing the leaves change colors in small town Stars Hollow, the seasonal activities, and listening to the soothing background music and theme song makes the show feel like a warm hug every time I watch it.

As for movies, the options are endless! If you’re in the mood for family fun, Disney+ has most, if not all, of the Halloween films that so many of us grew up with and have loved since childhood. Even if you didn’t grow up with these films, they are definitely worth a watch, and there are so many to choose from! If you’re in the mood to be spooked, other streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu have wide selections of amazing horror movies.

Pro Tip: Hush on Netflix is a great one!

3. Find Some Yummy Recipes!

I’ve noticed that during this season, I find myself on Pinterest a lot more than any other time of year. I flood my “Fall” Pinterest board with outfit ideas, places I want to visit, and- you guessed it, recipes! I love that all the recipes are in one place to refer to when I want a nice night-in with a homecooked meal. I usually break out the Crockpot during this time, too! Here are some recipes I have saved that you might want to try:

I hope at least one of these tips helped you get in the spirit for this upcoming fall season. While we can’t control this hot weather, we can definitely start preparing our own homes in the meantime! Before you know it, that crisp, cool weather we’ve been waiting for will be here, and I cannot wait. Happy fall!

-By Katie Cogland

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