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One Year

One year. Wow.

To be honest, we’re not even sure where to begin. To think that this time last year we were two jobless gals, sitting six-feet-apart on M Street beach, Dunks in hand (both black iced coffees…coincidence or sign? Spoiler alert: we took it as a sign), staring out into the harbor wondering WTF we were going to do with our lives, is impossible to wrap our heads around.

If given the opportunity to talk to those two lost girls, we’d tell them to buckle up, because they were about to begin the ride of a lifetime. We’d applaud them for taking the scariest leap of their lives, trusting their guts, and most of all, tell them to get some sleep because everything was going to work out. We’d tell them that in just one year, despite a pandemic and quite literally everything in the universe working against them, their grit will have led them to:

  1. Start their own company / S-Corp (and learn what an S-Corp is)

  2. Sign over a dozen clients (100% of which were referral-based) and support them in:

  • Reopening three internationally-acclaimed restaurants and three health & wellness studios

  • Introducing two brand-new products to the market

  • Opening a new, bustling family-owned and operated eatery

  • Launching an international virtual fitness platform

  • Starting a brand-new podcast to educate and support listeners in their mental health journeys

  • Generating buzz around the grand-opening of an international retailer in the heart of Boston

  • Leaving the corporate world and following a dream to open a lifestyle and gift ship rooted in community in her beloved Southie neighborhood

  • Learn that not only do we not get taxes back, but we actually owe the government…a lot.

  • Learn the ukulele

  • Get vaccinated and get to a point where they could show their friends & family just how much they appreciated them with a giant, long-overdue hugs

Though we would have thought that two crazy ladies from the future just came back and fed us a bunch of BS about how we’d spend the next year working our tooshies off and have it all pay off, we could not be more thankful for the journey that led us here. We’re so damn proud of our little company and all of the blood, sweat and tears we’ve put into turning a sh!t&y situation into a life we love.

One year later we share this blog post, truly overwhelmed with gratitude. Gratitude for our incredible clients who took a chance on our small business. Gratitude for our friends, family and significant others who supported us in all our craziness along this insane journey. And, most importantly, for each other, who after 365 days of building, creating, laughing, crying, venting, working insane hours, are getting up again with a smile on our faces and black iced coffees in hand to start Day One of Year 2.

Get ready, there’s so much more coming!



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