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This heatwave is no joke! While we are all sweltering in the hustle and bustle of the city, I think it's time we treat ourselves with something sweet! Keep reading to discover some of our favorite Boston-area ice cream spots!

Gracie's Ice cream

This homemade ice cream is sure to cure your heat stroke! The Somerville spot has contactless payment, and you can even order ahead and get it delivered! They always have at least 12 mouthwatering flavors at a time, including Oreo butterfinger, apricot ginger snap, and fudge stripe!


Dairy Witch Icecream

If you're in a spooky mood and also craving some deliciousness, check out the Dairy Witch in Salem, MA. This mom-and-pop shop has been open since 1952 when a couple decided to open an ice cream shop on part of their land! They specialize in outrageous sundaes that will definitely leave you coming back for more!


Far Out Ice Cream

This Brookline ice cream shop is unlike any other! It’s New Zealand-inspired vibe was brought about when two Boston friends visited New Zealand and fell in love with a culture that brings people so much joy! This unique style of ice cream is fruit based, with lots of options to choose from -- a great way to refresh on a hot summer day!


New City Microcreamery

Founded in 2015, this ice cream has been voted Best in Massachusetts! They use liquid nitrogen to produce their cream and deliver amazing flavors to the people of Cambridge every day! The founders were all MBA students at Babson college together where they bonded over their love for culinary arts (especially sweet treats)!


-Sabrina Paolino

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